QPI Documents

Resources for Foster Parents/Caregivers

Florida's Practice Model

Child Protection Safety Decision Making Methodology - Current Practice vs Future Practice (DCF, 2013)


Core Tenets of Florida's Practice Model


Florida's Practice Model Brochure


Safety Decision Making Diagram

Understanding the Child Welfare System

A Family Guide to Dependency Court (Video)

Acronyms Gone WILD!

Birth Parents with Trauma Histories and the Child Welfare System - A Guide for Foster Parents (NCTSN, 2011)

I'm Going to Court -Booklet for Youth (ECA)

Understanding Child Welfare and the Courts (CWIG 2011)

What's Happening in Dependency Court? An Activity Book for Children (FL Office of Court Improvement)

Youth in Court Fact Sheet (Fl Children First, 2012)

Advocating for Children and Youth

Family Guide to Systems of Care for Children with Mental Health Needs (SAMHSA)

Helping Children in Foster Care Transition to Child Care Services

Parenting a Child Who Has Been Sexually Abused: A Guide for Foster and Adoptive Parents

What is Exceptional Student Education for Children with Disabilities (FLDOE 2011)

Coparenting and Icebreakers

About My Child

AECF Icebreaker Meetings Toolkit

All About Me - Child

All About Me - Teen

Basic Flow Chart for Providers

Coparenting Icebreaker Meeting Template

ECC Icebreaker Process Flow

Icebreaker Meeting (Powerpoint)

Icebreaker Data Tracker (Excel)

Icebreaker Flyer

Icebreaker Process Flow - Community

Monthly Observances

Traditional (Non-ECC) Icebraker Process Flow

Roles and Supports / OurKids FL

What would Soloman do? Supporting the Foster Care Child's Relationship with the Biological Parent

Dental Care Resources
Foster Parent Investigations

CFOP 175-12 General Counsel Interpretation (2/2013)


Child Protective Investigations Involving Foster Parents - Information Sheet (Jan'13)

DCF Memo: Foster Care Investigations and Referrals (9/2012)

New! FAST - Brochure

New! FAST Allegation Support

Additional Resources

ACCESS Food, Medical & Cash


Additional Foster Parent Resources


Adoptive Parent Resource Page

Florida's Center for Child Welfare

Florida State Foster Adoptive Parent Association

National Foster Parent Association

Partnership Plan and Communication

Case Manager Introduction Form


Florida Partnership Plan


Foster Family Introduction Letter / FamiliesFirst Network FL


Foster Parent Introduction to Case Manager Form

Safety and Preparedness

The Car Seat Lady



Resources for CBC/Agency Staff

For QPI Training Coordinators

Blank Just in Time Training PowerPoint Template


Child Welfare Staff and Foster Parent Training - Group Approach (powerpoint slides)

Passport to Quality Parenting Training Modules (Resources for QPI Training Coordinators)

QPI Site Team Leader Resources (additional documents)...

CBC Foster Parent Mentoring Programs

Community Partnership for Children - FP Mentoring Program Information and Application

CPC FP Mentoring (Training information)

Devereux CBC Caregiver Support Program


ABC-V Introductory Materials


Enhancing Visitation (ABC-V)

Transition Planning

Transitioning Children in Care- A Review of Practices Around the State (Dec'10)

Court Caregiver Input Form

Transition Plan

Permanency Staffing: Caregiver Input Form

Transition Child Information Sheet

Sample Court Order with Transition Language

Transition Planning Training

Transition Planning for Children in Out-of-Home Care Quality Assurance Review (April 2013)


Recruitment Tools and Placement Tools

25 by 25 Campaign Flyer

25 by 25: Preschooler Flyer

25 by 25: Sibling Group Flyer

25 by 25: Teen Flyer

25 by 25: Toddler Flyer

Child Specific Recruitment Case File Review Tool

Child Specific Recruitment Plan

Child Specific Recruitment Presentation Handout

Child Specific Recruitment Task Force Youth Questionnaire

Do you want to be adopted?

Key Placement Questions/Our Kids FL

Mock Recruitment Plan

Partly Cloudy or Partly Sunny?

Placement Eco Map

Recruiting for Free: It Can Be Done!

Step by Step: Developing a Targeted Recruitment Campaign

"We Need You" Pass Along Cards


Resources for CBC/Agency Staff

From the Dept of Children and Families

2018 Foster Parent Cost of Living Allowance Increase (1/19/18)

DCF Memo: Sharing Records with Foster Parents (2010)

Discipline Policy (En Espanol)

Foster Parent Turnover: Why do Florida Foster Parents Leave the System? (1/2013)

Guidelines on Moving Infants and Young Children (10/1/10)

Normalcy, Babysitting, Vacation, and Emergency Care for Children in Out of Home Care (3/5/13)

Partnership: A letter from Interim Secretary, Esther Jacobo to Foster Parents (7/22/13)

Sharing Records with Foster Parents (Guidance Document)


AHCA Medicaid Fact Sheet


Appendicies for Building Successful Resource Families (AECF, 2012)


Building Successful Resource Families - A Guide for Public Agencies (AECF, 2012)


Co-Parenting Agreement 1st Draft


Eight Things Foster Parents Wish Every Child Advocate Knew


FAPA Flyer Example


Financial Eligibility Criteria to be a Foster or Adoptive Parent


Procedural Safeguards for Parents of Students with Disabilities (Dept of Ed, 2013)


Psycho-Legal Considerations of Placing Children in Foster Care (October, 2014)


QPI Sites and Brand Statements (8-24-11)


Respite Request Information Form


Review of the Quality Parenting Initiative (2011)


Self-Sabotage in Foster Care Placements

Independent Living/ Normalcy

Additional Normalcy Resources


An Open Letter from Secretary Wilkins: Foster Parents and Residential Group Care Providers (5/24/13)

Don't say NO before you KNOW (Normalcy Myths)

Keys to Independence

Online Social Networking Policy (2/22/12)


Financial Empowerment Toolkit

A Financial Empowerment Toolkit for Youth and Young Adults in Foster Care

Creating a Credit Profile - How To Build Your Credit


Get Tax Savvy - What You Need to Know About Taxes

Know Your Credit History - How to Interpret a Credit Report

Protect Yourself and Your Stuff - What You Need to Know About Insurance