Teen Recruitment

Below you can access the videos and other materials associated with this initiative.

Florida Teen Recruitment Plan


> Florida Teen Recruitment Plan - Draft 4/21/15 (PDF)

> Teen Recruitment Resources on the Florida Department of Children & Families' website

TEENS (Youth Interviews)

Get tips on caring for teens from former foster youth.

> View this video

QPI Teen Recruitment Meeting

> Secretary Carroll's Opening Remarks and Welcome

> Highlights Video with Teen and Audience Statements

NexGen Band

Trudy Petkovich • petkovij@me.com • (305) 213-6627
Victoria Herrin • workingforourkids@gmail.com • (352) 203-8185

> NexGen Promotional Video

> NexGen Band Facebook Page

> TV/Promo - NexGen Band's Musical Message: Consider Becoming a Foster Parent (WCTV)

>TV/Promo - Free Concert to Raise Awareness of Area's Need for Foster Parents (mypanhandle.com)

>TV/Promo - City of Miami - NexGen Band Concert in the Park

> NexGen Band Media Kit

> NexGen Program

> Commitment Card

> Other Ways to Support Youth in Care

> NexGen Venue Information

> Sample Save The Date/Event Flyer
To make your own, visit www.postermywall.com. The background used in this example is available under "Templates > Concert/Band Flyers"

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Media/PR/External Communications

Chris Johnson, Chair/FSFAPA soundhispraise@yahoo.com
Laurallyn Segur, Chair/Eckerd lsegur@eckerd-eca.org

> Fostering Success Logo (JPG)

> Fostering Success Logo (PNG)
   This version has a transparent background

> Additional Fostering Success Materials at MyFLFamilies.com

> 25 by 25 Campaign: Teen Flyer

> Using Social Media to Meet Recruitment Goals

> Foster a Teen Flyer (PDF)

> Fostering a Teen, "Take Our Youth Back Home" (PPT)

> Fostering Success PSA (YouTube)

Selection Tools

Beth Batten, Chair beth.batten@cbccfl.org

> Selection Workgroup Update - 7/22/15 (PDF)

> Adult Attachment Interview Protocol (PDF)

> Applicant Assessment (PDF)

> Applicant Scoring Instructions (PDF)

> Family Profile for Passport to Quality Parenting (DOCX)

> Foster Home Application (PDF)

> Foster-Adoptive Inquiry Questionnaire (DOC)

> Guide for Writing Your Life Story (DOC)

> KidsNet Assessment Guide (PDF)

> Let's Get it Right: Multisystem & Multilevel Assessments in Family Assessments (PDF)

> Profile Letter (DOCX)

> Requirements for Foster/Adopt Parents (DOCX)

Placement and Matching

Fawn Moore, Chair/DCF Fawn.Moore@myflfamilies.com
Mia Jones, Chair/PFSF mia.jones@pfsf.org

> Placement Matching Workgroup Update - 8/11/15 (PDF)

> Placement Matching Workgroup Update - 7/14/15 (PDF)

> Placement Matching Workgroup Update - 6/6/15 (PDF)

> Enhanced Foster Home - DRAFT (8/31/15) (PPT)

> The Pre-Match Process (video)

> Fostering Success: Pre-Match Practices and Success (video)

> Transition Planning Guide

Support and Resources

Akiva Ford, Chair/PFSF akiva.ford@pfsf.org
Amanda Williams, Chair/FSFAPA amawill@gmail.com

> Summer Programs for Teens by Circuit (Excel)

> Resource & Support Workgroup Meeting - July 8, 2015

> Resource & Support Workgroup Meeting - June 17, 2015

1-800 Number

> 1-800 Number Workgroup Update - 8/10/15