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The intent of the Child Judicial Input form is to provide YOU with a way to be heard in court hearings. It allows you an opportunity to offer input to the court system regarding your cases prior to and during your court hearing. Whether it be education related issues, social issues, visitation questions, or any other type of input that you might want to make the court aware of, our objective is to provide a tool that will allow you to communicate at your own will with the judge and the court in general, as freely and as comfortably as you deem appropriate. Each input form was designed with age appropriate content. As the forms are not all inclusive, you may add input or concerns to the form if a specific topic of interest is not included. Simply put, this is YOUR chance to tell the judge about your case and what is important to you, so take the time to make your voice heard! Download and complete the correct form based on your age and provide it to your Case Worker or GAL.

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