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Advocating and Empowering Through the Eyes of Our Families (09/06/18) (1.0 hour)

Assertion and Advocacy (05/05/17) (1.0 hours)

Babysitting, Screening and Normalcy Guidelines(04/27/15) (0.5 hours)

Being a Member of a Professional Team (Community Based Care of Central Florida Version) (05/05/18) (2.5 hours)

Being a Member of a Professional Team (Statewide Version) (05/05/18) (1.5 hours)

Busting Myths and Uncovering the Ins and Outs of the Florida Abuse Hotline (04/19/18) (1.0 hour)

Bridging the Dependency Delinquency Gap(09/06/18) (1.0 hour)

Caregiver Engagement in Court: Listening, Sharing & Acting (09/07/18) (1.0 hour)

Child Welfare Communication (06/10/16) (1.0 hour)

Culture Clash: Bringing the Perspective of Child Development to Social Services and Family Court(01/17/18) (1.0 hour)

Developing Respectful Partnerships through Customer Service (03/27/19) (1.0 hour)

Disruption: Prevention and Intervention (06/28/18) (1.0 hour)

Engagement is Relationship (02/07/18) (note: this video is not eligible for relicensing hours)

Florida's Levels of Licensure and the Guardianship Assistance Program (04/23/19) (1.5 hours)

Guardianship Assistance Program (05/22/18) (2.0 hours)

NEW ICPC 101 for Case Managers(04/05/19) (1.5 hours)

Improving Child Welfare Outcomes Using System of Care Principles & Values (09/06/18) (1.0 hour)

Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children: What Caregivers Need to Know? (02/15/19) (1.5 hours)

NEW Maintaining Respectful Partnerships in a Time of Crisis: Investigations(04/25/19) (1.0 hour)

Master Trust: Managing This Resource to Provide the Greatest Benefit for Children in Care(09/06/18) (1.0 hour)

Strategic Storytelling (06/30/18) (1.0 hour)

Supporting Quality Parenting Through Information Sharing and the Courts (06/14/18) (1.5 hours)

The Extension of Foster Care: Maintenance Adoption Subsidy & Title IV-E EFC (09/06/18) (1.0 hour)

NEW The Importance of Stable Placements for Children(06/27/19) (1.0 hour)

The Partnership Plan & Quality Parenting: Values that Support Excellent Parenting and Help Children Thrive (02/27/19) (1.0 hour)

Who Puts the Quality in Quality Contacts? You Do! (09/05/18) (1.0 hour)

QPI Focus on Partnership: Caregivers and the Role of the Guardian ad Litem (06/17/17)(note: this video is not eligible for relicensing hours)

The Real Deal: Foster/Adoptive Parents Understand the Child Welfare System from the Inside Out (06/17/17) (note: this video is not eligible for relicensing hours)

A Voice Heard - Program and Legislative Goals(06/17/17) (note: this video is not eligible for relicensing hours)

Winter Statewide Training: Guardian Ad Litem Program and Independent Living (01/20/17) (1.0 hours)

Foster Allegation Support Team (F.A.S.T.) (10/12/15) (note: this video is not eligible for relicensing hours)

My Jump Vault for Caregivers and Youth (03/03/16) (note: this video is not eligibile for relicensing hours)

Partnership Plan Training (Available in English and Spanish) (2.0 hours)

Adoption Assistance (06/30/18) (1.0 hour)

A Relentless Pursuit Towards Permanency: Tools and Skills to Help Children Achieve Permanency(05/31/18) (1.5 hours)

Barriers to Permanency (06/20/15) (1.5 hours)

Countering the Shame of the Foster or Adopted Child: Healing the Wounds of the Past by Creating a More Loving Present (05/12/17) (CC) (1.5 hours)

Countering the Shame of the Resource Parent and Family (05/12/17) (CC) (1.5 hours)

Family Match: Innovating New Frontiers for Child Welfare (06/28/18) (1.0 hour)

Every Child Needs a Transition Plan (04/18/18) (CC) (2.0 hours)

Florida Adoption Reunion Registry (09/06/18) (1.5 hours)

From Group Care to Family Life: Supporting the Transition (10/15/15) (1.0 hours)

Getting to Permanency: Partners in Advocacy(06/17/17) (1.0 hours)

Permanency is Not a Place: Transitioning into & Navigating Adult Relationship (1/26/18) (1.0 hours)

Post Adoption Services and Supports (06/20/15) (note: this video is not eligible for relicensing hours)

Private Adoption Interventions (02/13/15) (1.5 hours)

Promoting Developmentally Appropriate Transitions for Young Children in Care (08/26/16) (1.5 hours)

Self-Care for Foster Parents (04/23/18) (0.5 hours)

Sibling Relationships in Foster Care: Keeping Them Connected (05/18/18) (1.5 hours)

The Effects of Multiple Placements (05/15/18) (2.0 hours)

The Impact of Grief, Loss and Transitions on Families (01/16/18) (0.5 hours

Transitions for Children (06/26/15) (0.5 hours)

Transition Planning for Youth (08/28/18) (1.0 hour)

Understanding and Responding to Caregiver Grief and Loss (07/11/17) (1.0 hours)

Understanding Shame: The Secret Disruptor of Family Harmony (05/12/17) (CC) (1.5 hours)

Understanding Termination of Parental Rights(08/21/15) (1.0 hours)

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